Investment Strategies

Clients open accounts at Charles Schwab, which is the largest provider of custody services in the United States. Clients have:

  • Real-time access to their accounts with full transparency into investments
  • Immediate liquidity providing ability to withdraw money at anytime
  • Detailed monthly statements mailed directly from Schwab.

SL Advisors offers five different strategies that provide the complete investment solution for a balanced portfolio.

SL Advisors Hedged Dividend Capture Strategy
  • Aims to generate positive absolute returns with volatility similar to bonds
  • Generates income with modest capital appreciation with returns uncorrelated to equities & bonds
  • Diverse, unleveraged, hedged portfolio of high quality U.S. equities.
  • Appropriate for investors looking for a substitute for today’s low yielding bonds.

SL Advisors Deep Value Equity Strategy
  • Aims to outperform the S&P 500 with similar volatility
  • Unleveraged, long only portfolio of stocks in listed U.S. equities
  • Focused on undervalued stocks of businesses with strong or improving fundamentals
  • Appropriate for individuals and institutions desiring stock market exposure and willing to accept higher turnover to outperform the S&P 500

SL Advisors MLP Strategy
  • Aims to outperform the Alerian MLP Index with similar volatility and low turnover
  • Unleveraged, long only portfolio of publicly traded stocks and Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) focused on the Midstream sector (Pipelines)
  • Biased towards General Partners (GPs) and MLPs without burdensome Incentive Distribution Rights (IDRs)
  • Appropriate for high net worth investors desiring exposure to North American Energy Infrastructure and comfortable receiving K-1s for individual investments rather than 1099s.

SL Advisors Low Beta Long-Short Strategy
  • Aims to generate equity-like returns uncorrelated to stocks and bonds by bringing together many of our best ideas from other strategies
  • Leveraged, hedged long-short equity strategy focused on under-valued high quality businesses whose stocks are less volatile than the broad equity market
  • Alternative to hedge funds
  • Appropriate for institutions seeking absolute returns uncorrelated to stocks and bonds

SL Advisors High Dividend Low Beta
  • Aims to track the S&P500 Low Volatility Index with higher dividend yield
  • Unleveraged, long only portfolio of dividend paying low beta stocks
  • Expect to under-perform the S&P500 in a strong stock market and out-perform in weak markets with low turnover
  • Appropriate for conservative investors that want long term stock market exposure but are nervous about significant short-term declines.